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January 2023

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Next Level Hospitality Management Training

Turn Your Managers Into Leaders!

This brand new course will guide you and your entire management team through the process of becoming a cohesive team with strong leadership.   

It's an in-depth management training course that will give you the knowledge, skills, and systems needed for your team to properly run your business' daily operations, while still having the time and focus to manage the business details that will drive you to success!

Our program is perfect for owners, managers, key employees and potential management employees wanting to learn the fundamental skills that are required to consistently operate at a high level. 

Restaurant Management 201

Led by two coaching professionals with a combined 55 years of experience in the restaurant industry, this course is designed to develop the efficiency, communication, and leadership of your managers. This is a great opportunity to help your management team reach the next level of success as they learn everything they need to know to establish and achieve concrete goals to grow your business, without needing to teach them yourself!

What's Included in

Restaurant 201?

This 5 month course allows up to 4 members of your management team to participate in all the following activities:

8 = Mastermind Classes

In each of these one-hour sessions, our instructors and guest speakers will address the most common challenges that restaurants face.  Classes will address a myriad of topics, such as revenue generating strategies, staff training systems, and how to create the best guest experience possible. Through these sessions, your management team will grow stronger and more confident in their ability to lead your staff.

2 = Hot Seat Sessions

Rapid-fire one-hour coaching sessions with our expert teachers. Participants will volunteer to have the audience, Darren, and Alison dissect the specific operational issues facing their business to help identify and address barriers to profitable growth.

4 = Personal Coaching Sessions

A time to work with one of our instructors on selecting and implementing a plan to reach the specific goals that you and your management team have for your restaurant. These sessions allow you to dive deep into any challenges that your business may be facing, and to consult an expert on how to best tackle these issues.

Restaurant Management 201 Podcast

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Course Instructors

Alison Anne worked her way from Hostess/Busser at a small family-owned restaurant in her hometown to AGM & Events Director of one of Washington, DC's largest sports bar over her 18 year career, in addition to being credentialed with the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. When she noticed the high levels of burnout, dissatisfaction, and turnover plaguing the industry, she discovered she had a knack for drilling down into the heart of what makes restaurants - and restaurant people - tick. Now, her love for the industry has her focusing on employee support and well-being, from the GM to the dishwasher, and working with her clients to connect their vision and growth initiatives to the needs of their staff, while making sure that they are equipped with the systems to do something about it.

Darren S. Denington, CFBE has an extensive background in the restaurant industry, and has served as an Owner, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Director, District Manger, and General Manager. For the past 23 years, Darren has owned and operated a secret shopping, restaurant coaching, and hospitality team training company called Service with Style. He has focused on guest experience, employee training, team building, and he works closely with operators, helping them to implement the systems needed to improve their establishments. 

Together, Darren and Alison represent the restaurant experience at every level. They are excited to share this innovative new course with restaurant managers everywhere and are confident that they can deliver tangible results for your business by the end of this program. 

Mark Your Calendar

We will meet every other Tuesday from 10am-11am EST

8 - Mastermind Class Dates:

January 17th - Leadership 201

January 31st - Management Team Systems

February 14th - Building a Team

March 14th - The Guest Experience

March 28th - Employee Training Program

April 11th - Financial Systems

May 9th - Productivity & Time Management

May 23rd - Marketing Plans & Driving Sales

2 - Hot Seat Panels:

February 28th - Implementing Systems

April 25th - Setting Priorities

4 - Personal Coaching Sessions:

Coaching sessions will be scheduled individually

Learning Outcomes!

  • Learn the elements of strong leadership and cohesive team building
  • Gain an understanding of the critical systems needed for a strong management foundation
  • Enhance the employee onboarding process to attract and welcome new team members
  • Learn step-by-step how to implement an entire employee training program
  • Understand the guest perspective and set tangible goals for the guest experience
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the most important financial systems and how to impact your numbers
  • Learn best practices for building the right daily operational system
  • Understand how a good, simple marketing plan can guide your establishment to higher sales
  • Create an Action Plan of priorities with your team and identify your next steps to success!

Just a few topics that we'll cover:


Managers will feel confident in their grasp of the foundational leadership skills necessary to support staff members, delegate tasks, and keep the business running smoothly.

Communication Systems

Participants will critically examine the communication systems at play in your restaurant and determine where they could be made more effective and efficient. 

Training Program

Your managers will learn how to implement a training program specific to your restaurant in order to onboard and retain the best possible staff.

Staff Efficiency

Participants will identify specific barriers to productivity and delegation in your restaurant and develop a clear plan to overcome these challenges.

Course Goals & Accountability!

We're committed to you knowing your managers are making progress in this course so that you'll see the difference in how they show up at work! We understand the importance of having tangible benchmarks to measure your growth. Our unique system of periodic assessments allows our instructors and you to determine where your management team is proficient and where they may have room for growth.

Registration Questionnaire

This survey determines what your management team's strengths are and where they have gaps in their knowledge and skills. This will help our coaches tailor the curriculum and the individual coaching sessions to the needs of your restaurant.

Mid-Term Assessment

Instructors can see how much the managers have absorbed, where there are gaps, what skills they have mastered, and where they need more support so that these skills are being applied in the daily operations of your business.

Final Check-in

A final check-in that allows you to see the progress that your managers have made from the start of the class to the conclusion of it. It will help Owners understand the progress that they have made!

What to expect once you sign up!

Once you register, you will receive a Welcome email that includes:

Registration Confirmation

Zoom link for all your Classes, Hot Seat Panels, and Individual Sessions

Link to Registration Questionnaire

Calendar link to schedule your 4 Personal Coaching Sessions

Credit Card Payment link

Link to our Master Forms & Files

Invitation to private class Facebook page

Let's Get Started

The course begins on Tuesday, January 17th, 2023, and will occur every other Tuesday through May 23rd, 2023.  To register, simply click on the "Book Now" link below to sign up you and your team.  Spots are limited but no payment is required today.

Single person

Perfect for independent owners, general managers, new managers, future owners, and individuals looking to enhance their careers in hospitality.



/month (5 months)

  • 8 = Mastermind Classes
  • 2 = Hot Seat Panels
  • 4 = Personal Coaching Sessions


Entire team (4)

Includes up to 4 people from your team!

General Managers, Assistant Managers, KM's, Key Employees and even star employees you would like to train for the future!



/month (5 months)

  • 8 = Mastermind Classes
  • 2 = Hot Seat Panels
  • 4 = Personal Coaching Sessions

FAQ About Restaurant 201

What if WE cannot attend a session?

All classes will be recorded and available to watch afterwards for all participants that were not able to make the class or session.

What platform will be used for these classes?

After you register for Restaurant Management 201, you will receive a Zoom link. This link will be used for all classes in this program. 

What changes or improvements can I expect to see in my business by the end of this course?

You should expect to see a management team that is communicating well together, focusing on priorities, working towards greater teamwork, and growing the business.

When is the last date to register?

Thursday, January 12th, 2023

What is different about this course from other trainings out there?

The instructors for this course have been actively working with restaurant owners and managers for years.  They have developed a straightforward approach to solving the most critical problems found in hospitality today.


Your Entire Management Team!

Classes start on Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 at 10am EST.  Seating is limited!

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